When British Airways took off and VISTARA stayed behind

Gatwick Airport, aircraft landing at dawn, 2002, SB (CGA535)

There is a strange feeling when you’re about to go somewhere away from your comfort zone, like you not only miss the people and the place but you miss the person you were at that time because you know you will never be the same again. But, life’s sole purpose after all is to live it to the utmost and have newer and richer experiences without fear.

Till the time I boarded the flight and it took off, I could see vistara standing there, while I was leaving, thats it, it was the time to leave the country. I wasn’t nervous at all till that time but then comes the fear of living alone, doing things on my own, no tasty food. The purpose of the trip suddenly became my fear. Only my parents could now calm me down, so I called them and to some close ones, settled to realise I was allotted the last seat. Gosh! but it reclined so wasn’t much of a problem. The flight was delayed and so was the time for me to reach London. This anxious girl did whine a bit, tears rolled down, but I had to be strong to come out of this as a stronger person. Now starting to enjoy the not so comfortable British Airlines. Don’t ask me about the IFE tv screen in front of me. I could barely see things on it, though I managed to watch 3 movies back to back. I slept for a while after the first movie. I ate the amazing veg Hindu meal with that superb dessert. Then I had a talk to the guy beside me who was travelling to Boston. I waited for food in the second half but phew! there was some technical issues in the economy section. I had some cranberry juice while watching the scenic beauties through the window. Without me realising, we landed. Took my luggage while booking an Uber for my accommodation which was 40 mins away.

Reaching accomodation in an Audi A4 was first thing in London. Assuming the rest of the trip to lavish as well. 😛

then settled down to realise that it is not a trip or a vacation it is a second life.


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.


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