Either you run the day or day runs you

Mornings with the sight of snowfall are always pretty but are lazier at the same. Seeing that my heart felt like ice-skating. So, I started for Somerset Ice Skating, which is one of the best places for Ice-skating in London. Also we had a field trip to the vintage stores in Shoreditch with our professor this day where I had to manage everyone. I had a perfect plan to purchase tickets and then continue with the field trip but being less known about the places delayed everything.

I was running late, when I reached shoreditch, the trip had already started and I was there asking my colleagues to catch up with them. After a lot of phone calls I reached the place they originally started and then where they were.

Some of the stores in Shoreditch where one can find superb vintage pieces are

  1. Bitsch Kitsch London
  2. Rokit Collections
  3. Vintage Rokit
  4. Ragyard
  5. Vintage Market

But then 2-3 stores later again I missed them while I was checking the collection. The phone calls went on for some hours when we finally reached Fashion and Textile Museum along with them. Ah! That was the last stop of that entire hustle bustle. The museum had all the collections of the women’s wear during the 1920-decade in detail. The placement and the dresses were so pretty that I could hardly take my eye off them. The embroidery, silhouettes and patterns used were remarkably fashionable.

The day ended in Woolpack, which was crowded and had yummy Camembert soldier chips and desserts.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.


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